Saffron Global Trade Pioneers Inc., is based in ……….. We are direct representative of about 70 percents of Persian Saffron and its by-products producers in Iran.Persian Saffron Cluster is the biggest producers of Saffron in world. More than 95 percent of world’s Saffron is being produced by Persian Saffron Cluster in Iran.

Global Trade Pioneers’ management team, has been working with Persian Saffron Cluster for about a decade to promote their products, including Saffron and related by-products to global market.

From the very start of our business our main passion and interest was to deliver the highest quality saffron and to customers. We established Global Trade Pioneers Inc. as soon as we could do so and we made our passion our tagline “Our Reputation is Quality”. And this simple tagline symbolizes our philosophy to this day – satisfied customers through the highest quality Saffron products such as Sargol Saffron, Negin Saffron, Saffron powder, as well as its by-products such as saffron tea, saffron rock candy. We want to eatablish an honest, straightforward, mutual, win-win business/customer relationship.

What We Do

Each year, about 120 Tones of Saffron is being produced in Iran. After deducting the national consumption, almost 80 Tones of this amount of Saffron is being exported to global market. As the direct representative of Persian Saffron, Global Trade Pioneers Inc. is ready to market and sell the highest quality of saffron to global markets with the lower price than other exporters.

:: We Guaranty our Price and Quality ::